Anyone that has been to Scotland will understand why it is one of the most sought after destinations in Europe with everything from exclusive city breaks to Highland retreats proving to be popular all year round.

It might not boast the same kind of weather that other European countries can but what it lacks in sunshine it makes up for in personality and beauty. That’s not to say that you won’t ever get to enjoy warm weather in Scotland it just isn’t something you would base a trip around.

With some of Europe’s best shopping, breath taking scenery, incredible golf courses and mouthwatering Whiskey’s to enjoy there is a bit of something for everyone in Scotland.

The main two cities that see regular tourism are the capital Edinburgh for its traditional Scottish heritage and Glasgow for its raw charm and enviable nightlife.

Edinburgh of course offers travelers the postcard view of Scotland with the castle being a focal point and main attraction. The old town with its winding cobbled roads and traditional shops are always popular. The city really comes alive during the month of August when the Edinburgh Festival sees all manner of different performances in theaters, bars and on the streets.

Accommodation options in Edinburgh are very varied from high end hotels to quaint B&B’s meaning there are options for all budgets.

One of the best reasons for people to visit Scotland is because of the stunning wildlife and natural countryside which attracts all kinds of people.

Cyclists will benefit from a great cycle route network that can get you right through the country. It is a great way to see more of Scotland and passing through small towns and big cities really opens your eyes up to everything that is on offer.

Hill walkers will have the time of their life in Scotland. People that like to get outdoors can bag a Munro, one of the famous hill groupings that walkers “collect”. There is also the famous West Highland Way, a 96 mile route that takes you from the edge of Glasgow to the start of the Highlands.

If you are considering sampling the great outdoors of Scotland it is important to be prepared. Because the climate in Scotland doesn’t tend to be too extreme it can lull a lot of travelers into a false sense of security so people should understand that conditions can change and being miles from help can turn an enjoyable walk into a survival situation.

If you are thinking about it can be worth looking online to buy your outdoor clothing. There are a number of guides that can help you prepare and find exactly what you need.

Scotland really does have a bit of something for everyone and can be well worth visiting no matter what kind of break you are hoping for.